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Details on a Best Buy Credit Card

What you need to know before applying for a Best Buy credit card

Like most department store credit cards, the Best Buy credit card may appeal to regular customers and their ilk. In other words, if you frequently shop at Best Buy, you’re more likely to find their store credit card appealing.

So, what exactly is the deal with this credit card? Well, according to the store, you will get excellent rewards (depending on whether you get the store card or the Master Card) and be able to earn rewards for Best Buy purchases. It sounds pretty fantastic, but don’t they all? Let’s take a closer look at the Best Buy credit card.

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Would You Like To Apply For A Store Credit Card?

Do You Really Need (or Want) That Store Credit Card?

Every time you check out at a store, you are likely to be asked if you would like to apply for a store credit card. The cashier usually tells you that you will get a certain percentage off of your purchase, which may seem like a great deal, especially if your bill is large. It pays to look beyond the perks and to the potential pitfalls, however, before you begin to rely too much on store credit cards.

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