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What Your Reward Card Gives, It Can Take Away

Reward cards are great, aren’t they? But beware — you may not get everything you expected when you redeem those points

If you’re like me, you treat your reward card like a kind of credit card bank, where you accumulate interest as you pay bills, buy groceries, and rent videos. And sure, it can be pretty sweet when you trade in those points for an upgrade on your next flight to Aruba.

However (and there’s always a however, isn’t there?), you should never lose sight of who you’re dealing with here. Even reward credit card issuers are businesses, and pretty sharp businesses at that. So they’re going to game the system any way they can to make money off you.

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Three Uses for Anonymous Prepaid Credit Cards

Wondering why you would want anonymous prepaid credit cards? Here are three fantastic uses!

Are you familiar with anonymous prepaid credit cards? Have you even heard of them? It’s not a huge surprise if you haven’t — they’re not overwhelmingly popular in the industry. But they do have their uses.

First of all, what are anonymous prepaid credit cards? Basically, they’re exactly what they sound like: you put down money to charge up a card which then functions like a gift card you can use anywhere they accept credit cards. Now, the big question: where, why, and how would you use these things?

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Finding and Keeping the Best Credit Card Rewards

With credit card laws changing, are there any rewards to be had? Tips on how to collect the best credit card rewards

It used to be a snap, finding the best credit card rewards. For a while, credit cards were fighting amongst themselves to attract business, and virtually every card had some sort of gimmick. In those golden days, finding the best credit card rewards usually meant picking the type of reward you wanted among many good cards.

But with the economy in turmoil and new credit laws emerging, it’s not as easy to find those rewards any longer.

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The Best Cash Back Credit Cards for Every Situation

No matter what the circumstance, these are the very best cash back credit cards

Looking for the best cash back credit cards? It’s no surprise — in this day and age, anywhere we can spare a few bucks becomes a welcome advantage. But while cash back cards sound appealing, there are a couple of things you should know before you rush out and get one.

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Make Sure Your Rewards Card Rewards You!

A Few Helpful Tips about Getting the Most from Your Rewards Card

Credit cards have become an integral feature of the American financial system, and the rewards card is one of our favorites. As the demand for credit cards has increased, credit card companies have become more competitive, offering rewards programs to lure the business of the most valuable customers. And with all of the varying rewards programs out there, almost everyone can find a credit card to meet their needs. The question is, which rewards card is right for you?

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