Credit Card Tips Articles

What Not to Buy With a Credit Card

While credit cards are truly handy payment tools, there are a few purchases you shouldn’t make with them.

Wielding credit cards can be tricky. There are times when they can be too convenient… and so you’re tempted to give the plastic a real workout, which can have significant repercussions down the line. Worse, it’s easier than ever to pay with credit cards; even most small businesses accept them nowadays.

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Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to misstep when navigating the credit minefield, so here are some common credit card mistakes to keep in mind

Credit card mistakes can be credit killers, so needless to say, you’ll need to keep a weather eye out for them. You know the basics by now: don’t max out your cards, don’t carry too many at once, always pay more than the minimum required, choose cards with low rates….

But some common practices can have unexpected consequences, resulting in painful dings to your credit. In this article, we’ll take a look at three.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Introductory Rates

It’s easy to become so enamored with a new credit card’s introductory rates that you lose track of the real fees

In recent years, credit card issuers have hit upon an amazingly profitable sales tactic: incredible introductory rates. In some cases, they can be as low as zero percent — which, on the face of it, seems like a great reason for you to transfer your balance immediately.

After all, with such a low (or no) interest rate, you can manage your money better… so it makes sense to switch, right?

Not necessarily.

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An Honest To Goodness Credit Card Alarm

Worried that you might forget your credit card somewhere? Get a credit card alarm

In the world of credit card security features, the credit card alarm has to take the cake. That’s not to say that it’s a bad idea, because it’s not; but it’s definitely unique. Unlike most security features, it’s neither embedded nor passive. It lets you know immediately if something’s wrong.

Let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about.

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Trip Cancellation Insurance and Your Credit Card

If you pay for your vacation with your credit card, you may automatically get trip cancellation insurance

If you’re about to spend thousands for a business trip or vacation, then you might want to invest in some trip cancellation insurance — just in case.

We’ve all heard of flight insurance. Well, this is similar, but it’s a more general category of protection. It’s a good idea, given life’s uncertainty; and interestingly enough, your credit card may automatically cover you.

Needless to say, there are a few caveats to that statement, so let’s take a closer look.

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How to Get Rental Car Insurance with Your Credit Card

One of the best reasons to have a credit card is the ease with which you can rent a car—and another is the rental car insurance you can get with it

If you’ve ever had to rent a car, you’ve had to listen to the clerk’s spiel about buying supplemental rental car insurance. Well, guess what? There’s no need to buy it at all if you pay with a credit card. And since you can’t easily rent a car without a credit card, you’re in the catbird seat here.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and work within certain broad restrictions, and you’re on your way to saving yourself some money.

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Minimum Payments Are For Suckers!

Having a credit card is great—but if you pay only minimum payments, you’re never likely to get it paid off

Let me put this bluntly: if you’re paying the minimum payments on your credit card balances, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

The credit card companies like to pretend that they’ve started putting those little “Minimum Payment Warnings” on your billing statements because they care about you–but I can assure you, that’s hardly the case. They’re doing it because they’re now required to do so by law.

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More Reasons to Accept Credit Cards for Business Online

As if you needed more reasons to accept credit cards for business online, 2010 makes credit cards safer and easier to use.

If you don’t already accept credit cards for business you do online, you’re in a small minority, and it’s time to change! While it’s true that not all online business involves credit cards, the vast majority of consumers are no longer willing to incur the trouble and expense of sending checks and money orders. By all means, keep these payment options — but if you want to succeed, you really must start accepting credit cards.

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How You Can Get the Best Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

Recovering from a recent bankruptcy? There’s a silver lining: you can sometimes get the best credit cards after bankruptcy

When it comes to finding the best credit cards after bankruptcy, many people expect a tooth and nail battle, and to emerge on the other side with, at best, a secured credit card. But actually, it’s possible to get not only good cards but the best cards after a bankruptcy — if you follow a few key steps.

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Warning: Bad Credit Cards Ahead

Beware of bad credit cards — or you might find yourself in dire financial straits

Why do bad credit cards continue to thrive? Is their marketing campaign really that slick, or because they take advantage of people who have no alternatives? The answer is yes! Bad credit cards take advantage of people who desperately need credit, and they do it by spending more on advertising than on keeping current customers happy.

Fortunately, you don’t have to get sucked into this game. If you’re dealing with bad credit, there are easy ways to recognize bad cards and make sure you don’t wind up even further in debt.

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