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The New Credit Card Complaints Database

Ever wish the government would provide a forum for credit card complaints? Well, now they have

In an “about time” move, the U.S. government recently created an online clearinghouse for consumer credit card complaints. On June 1, 2012, a little- known agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unveiled the beta version of its online Consumer Complaint Database.

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The Future of Credit Cards

Ever wonder what the credit cards of the future will be like? Here are a few glimpses of what lies ahead.

Yea, I have seen the future of credit cards… and frankly, it’s pretty awesome.

This has caught me a bit by surprise, since I’ve long thought of credit cards as more or less static. From my studies, I know that it took 20 years just for the engineers and issuers to figure out how to get the ubiquitous magnetic strip to work. Microchips took even longer to sort out.

But those things are nothing compared to the riches awaiting us.

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New Credit Card Perks for Good Customers

If you’ve got a solid credit history, look for some nice credit card perks to come your way in 2011 and 2012

While recent regulations have placed tight strictures on the way that credit card companies do business, new technological advances and a willingness to start lending again have paved the way for some very nice credit card perks.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s available.

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So, What’s the Minimum Age for a Credit Card?

What Uncle Sam tells us is the minimum age for a credit card doesn’t necessarily jibe with parental (or industry) rules.

For a while there, it seemed like there was no legal minimum age for a credit card at all. We’ve all heard tales of babies getting credit card applications, and I personally know someone whose young goat got one. (I’m not kidding here).

Things are still nebulous on this front, even in the wake of the infamous Credit CARD Act of 2009, which straightened out a lot of things credit card related. Let’s take a brief gander at the issue.

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What the Credit Card Reform Act Means for You

Have you heard of the Credit Card Reform Act of 2009? If not, read on, and let’s hope your credit cards met their match

The Credit Card Reform Act took effect in May, 2009, and it’s about time. For years, credit cards got away with ridiculous fees, sudden unannounced changes, and other unethical practices. The Credit Card Reform Act aims to stop some of these abuses, even if it can’t singlehandedly revolutionize the credit card industry.

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What Does the Mortgage Industry Have to Do With Your Credit Card Rate?

Thank Mortgage Lenders For Your Rising Credit Card Costs

If you’ve noticed the interest rates on your credit cards have been taking a bit of a hike upwards, you’re not alone. Millions of credit card holders are beginning to see higher interest rates, even if their credit score hasn’t budged an inch. Why is it happening? Well, turns out you can thank shady mortgage lenders for this one…

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