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Keep an Eye Out for Unusual Credit Card Fees

You should review your statements carefully each month, to be sure the issuers aren’t charging any unusual credit card fees

Have you noticed any unusual credit card fees on your statements lately? I’m not talking about charges for cases of caviar or plane tickets to Aruba that you don’t remember buying, although you should certainly pay attention to those. But it’s easy to miss a finance charge miscalculation or a payment protection fee.

Let’s take a look at the little ways that the issuers can pad your card fees.

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Understanding Credit Card Rates and Fees

Do you really understand what credit card rates and fees mean?

When it comes to credit card rates and fees, many of us are in the dark. We know that we have to pay an interest rate on money we borrow, and we know that we sometimes pay fees for credit card services – and that’s about it. So what do all of those little payments really add up to?

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Why You Never, Ever Want To Make a Late Credit Card Payment

Making A Late Credit Card Payment Costs More Than Just The Late Fee

So you make a late credit card payment every once in a while. No big deal, right? After all, the late fee is less than $30 and you’re in somewhat of a budget crunch. No harm, no foul? Wrong! You, my friend, are making a huge mistake every time you don’t pay your credit card on time. Think I’m exaggerating? Here are some things to consider.

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Playing the Credit Card Grace Period Game

Know the terms of your credit card grace period

Grace period — kind of sounds like a gift from God, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not. Your credit card grace period is a gift that, if given by your credit card company at all, allows you to avoid a finance charge by paying your balance in full by a certain date. That, however, is sometimes easier said than done. Here are some credit card grace period tips you really shouldn’t live without:

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