Do You Really Need a Business Credit Card?

3 Reasons Why You Need a Business Credit Card for Your Business

If you own a business but you don’t have a business credit card, you need to re-evaluate the situation. Combining your personal credit and your business credit isn’t always a good idea. If you’ve been thinking you can do without a card in your business’s name, here are some reasons to reconsider…

1. Hindering Your Growth

Using your personal credit for your business needs may actually be hindering the growth of your company. Without a business credit card your operation can’t begin to build it’s own credit identity. If everything is always done under your personal name, your company might not be able to get the credit it needs when it needs it most.

2. Tailored to Business Needs

Another reason to look into a business credit card is because cards geared towards professional use are more likely to cater to your business’s needs. With perks like miles, points, cash back, concierge services and more, today’s best business credit cards have an abundance of benefits to offer. If you’re using your personal card for all of your business purchases, you may be missing out.

3. Making Accounting Easier

Let’s face it – proper bookkeeping isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish. Using your personal credit card for business use can make the job that much harder. Today’s business credit cards offer separate cards for employees, itemized statements and more.

While you may think it’s more convenient to just use your personal card for business use, it’s actually not. If you overlook the benefits that are offered to business cardholders, you can be cheating your company out of the perks that a business credit card can provide without even realizing it.