Is a Social Credit Card in Your Future?

You’ve heard of social media, and you probably even participate in it. Well, how about a social credit card to go along with it?

Some might say that all credit cards are social credit cards, and I suppose there’s some validity to that argument. After all, it’s one way for you to interact with other people regularly. Salesclerks, anyhow. Of course, it’s easy to defeat even that concept by buying things online.

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Debt Consolidation: Is It Right For You?

Debt consolidation onto one credit card may seem to make it easier to pay off all you owe, but there may be hidden traps.

If you’ve been considering debt consolidation because you’ve maxed out your credit, I suggest you rethink the possibility. It’s not the cure-all so many of us think it is… despite what all those slick ads might suggest.

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Credit Card Tips for 2013, Part II

Worried about your credit score this year? Keep these simple credit tips in mind.

Money tips are almost always welcome… but with cash seemingly on the way out, what we really need these days are credit card tips.

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Credit Card Tips for 2013, Part I

Like liberty, the price of good credit is eternal vigilance. Here are a few credit card tips to help you stay alert in 2013.

If there’s one thing the average consumer can use, it’s more credit card tips. Sure, it’s hard to keep them all in mind as we make our purchases; but if even one of them helps, it’s worth the effort of learning ’em all.

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Credit Card Myths You Shouldn’t Believe, Part II

Stymied by credit card myths? You might be, if you don’t keep your eyes wide open.

Credit cards are a basic part of modern financial life, and so are the credit card myths they inspire. In Part I of this article, I imparted some preliminary warnings about these myths (which can cost you money and hurt your credit if you’re not careful), and debunked two. Let’s look at four more dangerous misconceptions.

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Credit Card Myths You Shouldn’t Believe, Part I

Credit card myths are way too common for my liking, so I thought it was about time to straighten folks out on a few.

Credit card myths aren’t just annoying and misleading; some can be costly, especially if you carry a lot of plastic. Even if you don’t, it’s always a good idea to expand your knowledge on the subject, so you can more readily pick out the real from the artfully untrue.

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What Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know, Part II

Credit card companies make a lot of money on little things they don’t bother to tell you that you can save money on. Here are a few.

Credit card companies are businesses, whatever forms they may take, and as such are obligated to make money if they expect to survive. Sometimes they do it at your expense, simply by not telling you how you can save a little money here and there with very little effort.

Since every dollar saved is a dollar closer to your next car, even the little things matter. In Part I of this article, I suggested ways to avoid annual fees, negotiate new due dates for your credit card statements, and take advantage of a few perks.

In this exciting conclusion, we’ll look at a few more moneysaving options, most of which will work best if you’re a loyal customer with a history of prompt payment.

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What Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know, Part I

There are some things credit card companies would rather you didn’t know, because they’re in your favor. Yes, you read that right!

Lest ye forget, Dear Reader: credit card companies aren’t really your friends. As nice as they may seem by making free with the card offers and giving you 0% interest rates if you’ll just transfer your balance, they’re among the most purely mercenary of industries.

You Star Trek fans might think of them as the Ferengi of the financial world. All they care about is making money. If they’ll do things like wait till three days before your payment’s due to send your bill (as they often used to), they won’t hesitate NOT to tell you simple things that could profit you instead of them.

Let’s take a look at a few.

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The New Credit Card Complaints Database

Ever wish the government would provide a forum for credit card complaints? Well, now they have

In an “about time” move, the U.S. government recently created an online clearinghouse for consumer credit card complaints. On June 1, 2012, a little- known agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unveiled the beta version of its online Consumer Complaint Database.

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How to Ask for a Credit Limit Increase — and Why You Should

If you’ve been careful to keep your financial nose clean, it’s fairly easy to obtain a credit limit increase on your credit cards

Many credit cardholders assume that getting a credit limit increase is akin to having a root canal — a difficult, drawn-out process, uncomfortable at best and, occasionally, excruciatingly painful. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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